Taken from our 2020 Leavers Questionnaire

"Great staff very friendly work really hard with the kids and also best communication"

"The staff are lovely, nice and friendly, flexible when they can be"

"Family-feel setting, supportive and well-qualified staff, priority given to nurturing independence and readiness for school, access to fantastic outdoor summer space"

"A nice small family setting and lots of lovely outdoor space for the children"

"Friendly and good staff. Large carpark so easy to park"

"Staff are brilliant and really know the children well"

"I felt the support we have been given is excellent. Communication between pre-school and home is fantastic"

"Lovely pre-school both my children have been here and thoroughly enjoyed there time there"

"My children have been extremely happy at Kiddie-Cats and have blossomed there. Thank you x"

"Thank you for helping our child to grow and develop by providing her with love, laughter and her first steps into school life"

Do you feel that your child has been sufficiently prepared for school?

"Yes, definitely. School habits such as listening to stories, contributing to teacher-led discussions, presenting to teachers and peers, tidying-up, communicating confidently and effectively with adults, independent toileting, eating and dining hall etiquettes have all been developed and embedded well at Kiddie-Cats. Introduction to school learning is also prioritized. The development of 'school skills' is a particularly impressive cornerstone of the Kiddie-Cats pre-school"

"I feel that kiddie cats have done everything within their power and beyond to prepare my child for school"